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We Turn Cycling Lovers into Pro Cycling Racers.
Whether you're just starting or already know your way around a bike, we're here to boost your racing game.
Unlock your inner pro racer at Portugal Cycling Academy. Established to transform cycling enthusiasts into competitive professionals, our Academy combines elite training, expert coaching, and advanced facilities. Catering to all, from novices starting their journey to experienced riders refining their prowess, we're committed to elevating every cyclist to professional racing standards.
We develop your cycling skills

Training Programs

Choose Your Path to Success - Our cycling training programs are designed for every level.

Beginner's Course:
Learn the basics and build confidence.

Intermediate Training:
Enhance your technique and endurance.

Advanced Racing Program:
Compete and win with elite training.

Personal Training:
Learn cycling with a professional coach's expert guidance.

Online Training:
Enhanced with Personalized Plans and Expert Coaching.

Masterclasses and Lectures:
Dive into the Essentials of Bicycle Maintenance

Darina Balabai
Founder of the project and passionate cyclist.
At 36, I first tried road cycling and soon sought professional coaching to improve my technique. This significantly enhanced my skills, boosted my health, and helped me lose 10 kg. At 38, I qualified for the Granfondo World Championship. By creating this project, I aim to help beginners avoid mistakes and learn to cycle safely. Our team of professional coaches will help you confidently master cycling.

Schedule and Fees

Flexible and Accessible – View our diverse schedule to find classes that fit your lifestyle. Our competitive fee structure ensures access to quality training for all.
We develop your cycling skills
The first group lesson is free
Apply to participate in our Portugal Cycling Academy and we will contact you for more details on how to get started.
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What our clients say about us
Maria Zlygosteva
CEO in Skillfactory
I had extremely wonderful training experience with Aleksandr. I have asthma and he design our classes on comfortable level for me. He also discuss with me everything around cycling and dip me into the culture. Moreover, he helped me to buy meet first road bike. Truly recommend him to everyone who want to enjoy cycling activities.
Alex Zhuravlev
General partner in Mento vc
Transitioning from running to cycling, I faced several challenges, but Portugal Cycling Academy was exactly where I found the help I needed. The Academy's coaches not only adjusted my bike fitting to make it more efficient and comfortable, but they also significantly improved my aerodynamics. Thanks to their professional approach and guidance on pedaling technique, I was able to greatly increase my endurance and speed. As a result, for the first time in my life, I managed to cover a distance of over 100 km with an elevation gain of 1000 meters. This was an incredible achievement for me, and I am grateful to PCA for their support and expert knowledge!
Max Burianov
Product Manager in PMagency
Joining Portugal Cycling Academy was a game-changer for me. Their comprehensive approach not only sharpened my cycling techniques but also boosted my overall fitness and confidence on the road. Truly transformative!
Nataliia Shovkun
Senior Marketing analyst in Big Automotive E-Commerce
Switching from running to cycling due to a knee injury, I found incredible support at Portugal Cycling Academy. Their coaches improved my pedaling technique and perfectly adjusted my bike, enabling me to conquer a 1000m climb for the first time. This achievement has inspired me to aim for my first GranFondo next year. Thanks to the Academy, I can pursue my passion pain-free and with new confidence. Join me and let's reach new heights together at PCA!

José Álvarez
Businessman in Farmacy
The balance of professional coaching and supportive community at Portugal Cycling Academy is incredible. Each session is challenging yet rewarding, and I've seen remarkable improvement in my performance. Highly recommend for any cycling enthusiast!
We love these services
For developing training plans, analyzing results, and communicating among PCA club members.
To join our academy, you need to sign up for one of the lessons: personal or group, especially if you are an experienced cyclist looking to improve your group riding skills.
We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to our club and embark together on an exciting journey through the world of cycling!
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